BBEdit Clippings for FileMaker functions

I've just updated the BBEdit - FileMaker Clippings repository created by rjkantor on GitHub.

The clippings have been updated to include all functions up to v20. They are arranged by group, for ease of access.

There is also a language file, to ensure all the FileMaker functions are properly highlighted.

I've only just pushed the changes up to my own fork, so I'll link to that.

Ensure that you get the fmp20 branch

BBEdit is one of the best text editors for MacOS. Though its free to download and use forever, the Pro features will stop after 30 days. It is well worth the value of paying for the extra features.


Thank you!

And I agree with everything you say about BBEdit. I myself have always been using a paid version on my developer computer, and free versions on all my customer clients. Invaluable to handle the problem when copying from a field in a customer database using TeamViewer.

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