Best practise for FMG solution design

FileMaker Go is a nifty tool for doing jobs on the iPad. However, there seem to be a few practical limitations beyond script steps that are incompatible with FMG.
I opened this thread for collecting such information in one place. Please add whatever you deem useful for development of FMG-centric solutions.


one thing here (I did quite a lot with Go on iPad and iPhone): As soon as there is a host (FMServer) needed, we tend to use webdirect. Less problems with versions...

Life is too short for dealing with new versions all the time... At the moment, my personal FMGo app became too slow after iOS13, with iPadOS it's not better. I'm finding myself back on real paper...

It's not just FMGo - it's the whole system with iris-scanner et all. For jotting down some notes, it became too complicated (not just because of the corona-masks...)

Not a feature limitation necessarily but certainly something to be aware of, due to the nature of the device's connectivity: if your solution has some ESS in it, ghost sessions on FMS due to unexpected disconnects are to be expected and can be a real pain to deal with.


And another practical consideration that should be obvious but that I see developers overlook often: the processing power of mobile devices is below that of laptops and desktops. Often it is not enough to just resize layouts and voila...


Best results on our end has been accomplished with stand-alone files and syncing to server. The sync just exchanges data via PSoS calls via script parameter and script result passing. The file reference to FMS without any TOG occurrence just for the external script calls. Since FMS13 this has been working very reliable. The only issue is the tight width of script parameter / result limit.