Is there a way to use a custom font in a FileMaker Go app?

I have successfully installed a Font (Fira Sans) on my iPhone using the app AnyFont. I can use Fira Sans in apps like Freeform. But unfortunately FileMaker Go seems not to 'see' the font. The server hosted app, designed with texts in Fira Sans, displays in FileMaker Go Helvetica.

Does anyone have any idea how I can teach FileMaker Go to use the installed Fira Sans?

I would be very grateful for any suggestions!

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Perhaps you can attempt something like what was done in this old community thread: Claris Community (English)

It seems the dev was able to use a iOS profile to deploy a font to the device and get FMGo to recognize that font.

I'm not sure what you want to achieve, but managing custom fonts on numerous iOS devices is not the kind of landscape I would like to be in. I would try to rely on the fonts available within the OS and not require additional ones.

Thank you for your reply @Bobino,
I have now managed it: I had to open the file locally on the iPhone first. Then the font was displayed correctly. After that I was able to open the hosted version of the file and - surprise: now the font display was correct here, too!

Why do I want to use a custom font?
Well, it's all about the most perfect user experience possible! The usual standard fonts were all designed at a time when the focus was on print. They are simply not optimized for screens and screen reading behavior.

It's all about legibility and readability. The choice of font is very important! In the past, texts were designed typographically for a specific output medium. Today, when you create a text, you don't know on which medium it will be consumed. The text can be printed, it can be shown on very different sized displays. And these displays can also have different resolutions. Even today, not every screen is a Retina display.

For me not only the choice of the best font is important. I go even further. Today, typography has to happen much earlier in the design process. I do this in my FileMaker apps. People often underestimate how much good typography helps the reader/user. I can control the reading speed - and thus whether a text is quickly grasped or whether it is well remembered. And so on ...

To cut a long story short, this topic is important to me!

For now, FileMaker Go is just about testing the app. Later, a real app will be created with the iOS SDK. By the way, Fira Sans and IBM Plex Sans are two font families that work extremely well on screen. And they are available for free and can be used commercially as far as I know.

Sorry for this long ride into my mind …


reminds me of an old product idea from the days when FileMaker added that area to the dev-space: provide a possibility to add a custom font to a file - would be nice and help a lot also with providing a font for use as icons...

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@mipiano For how many users do you plan on rolling out this custom font?

I am working on a solution for the vertical market. So it's not just about one organization.

Based on the current experience, I'll have to see if I can successfully package fonts into an iOS SDK app. So far, I have never created an iOS SDK app. I'm curious to see if it can be done the way I envision. For apps outside the FileMaker world for iOS, usually fonts are included as resources.

FMGo is something 'special' when it comes to fonts... There was a text (Claris) describing the fonts for Go (I'm not at the office, can't find that). It was just a subset of the fonts available on iOS (iPad here).
Anyway.. I'm using 'avenir next condesed' (comes with iOS on iPad) as font for my iPad reporting tool - and there is a huge difference between 'cursor is in a field' and just viewing a layout (browse mode). Means: If You click in a text-field, line-ends are not the same...

Hi @Markus ,

could this behaviour not come from a different padding in the field for the states "inactive" and "active"?

Late, but now I have marked my own post as a solution, since I was able to solve the problem myself. :blush:

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