Can we define a signature?

The question says it all ! Is it possible to add a signature to our profile that will be added to the bottom of our posts ?

A good way to have web pages pointing to our site :wink:. I searched but didn't find.



Discourse philosophy is pretty much against signatures. It is redundant, especially when there is a lot of back and forth between the same users. In almost all platforms that use them, people abuse them, put huge images that cause all sorts of problems...

I understand the wish to put a little business card indication. So after much testing various options, I have added 3 custom fields in user profile and user card.

You have to log out and log back in to see the new fields. You can see them for every user if they have put content in those fields.

In order to put something in these fields, you go to your user preferences, under the tab profile. There you can find the new fields below the field "certification"

You have Mantra, About me and §
Use those how you see fit.

Do not waste your time trying to put html or markdown. Discourse controls the format on the card. Markdown shows up in the profile page only.

After trying a ton of various things (and wasting a lot of time), I have chosen to use the About me edit box to put a more visible link (that's the only format option that still shows on the card) to my company, I removed the location and web site field content because it looked cluttered, and I used the field about me for a short info about me.

Just click on my avatar to see what it looks like.

Hope that it will make you a bit happier :wink:


Jane of all trades, I like that one ! I didn't have to logout to see the 3 new fields. By the way it seems you added About Me, there is already one at the top of the page by the same name.


Thanks for the mantra. I was able to add mine to my profile. Curious? Check out my profile... :wink:

@Cecile, do you know where the profile image is placed? I can't see where it is being displayed.

Also curious about the dimensions. I loaded a background image and it was displayed but displayed at a much larger size than the space allowed so that only a bit in the middle was visible.

When I loaded a profile image that was much smaller than 1110px, again, I could only see the middle in the display and the image was magnified, so that the text was badly pixelated.

Yes it is not very intuitive.
The card picture must be 590px wide but if it’s too short, it will be cut and expanded so make sure it’s got a good height.
The profile picture must be 1110px wide make it about 160-200 px high. It will show up when you click on expand on the right.

1- click your avatar
2- on your card, click your nickname (top one)
3- it will take you to your profile page. At the upper right there’s something called click to expand (or the like on iPhone atm so not sure)
The banner will expand.

Thanks for the pointer. I've looked at the page code. The profile image is displayed as a background in a DIV that is set to 300px. Any other height will cause image distortion as it is stretched.

I added a 300x600 image and it stretched unless the page was narrow. I added a 300x900 image and it displays better but is being resized. A 300x1110px image is not resized, as far as I can tell.

So, for profile images: 300px x 1110px is the best size.

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Does Discourse offer a way to hide other users’ signatures?

Signatures are not permitted on and Discourse philosophy is no signature so it is not a feature. Sometimes when members post from their email client, the signature html gets carried over. We ask members to strip those or we do it ourselves.

Clicking on a member's name besides a post bring up a popover that has a signature card. Clicking in that card takes you to a profile page for the member. Everybody can customise their profile page and their signature card.

Inline signatures in posts are not permitted. We simply don't want to police that. It is my experience that people always abuse the feature, it brings visual clutter, put strain on bandwidth and real estate. We also don't want any form of advertising on the forum and especially not in the Question and Discussions forums. Members are invited to introduce themselves and their businesses in the channel dedicated for that purpose.

It is not negociable.