Alternative to Discourse Hub

For those who use the mobile app Discourse Hub to access our community, if you are interested in trying an iOS native app that does more or less the same, it is in the App Store. Not endorsed nor discouraged by In app purchases to be able to access private communities. Some custom plugins such as retort may not be supported (but we don't use those).

You can read about it on Meta ( community)


Thanks. Didn't realize there was one. I'll give it a spin. I've been using the free Discourse Hub, which I've not been enamored with.

Edit: Already signed into my 3 communties. Well done app. Like. :+1:

I’ve just downloaded Fig for Discourse and immediately find the pages so much easier to read on my iPad than the Discourse Hub. As yet, I don’t know why, perhaps slightly less clutter around the content?

Will stick with this on the iPad and iPhone for now by the looks of it.

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just in case anybody is still on iOS12...

  • needs iOS13

Yes, here I'm still on iOS12 due to major problems with one of the iOS updates before. We got heavy used, relatively big FMGo solutions that became 2 times almost unusable in the past...
I got a broken (but still working) second iPad with iOS13, not as fast as my current one, but seems to be fine. Therefore, I'll go for 13 soon - but at the moment, 3 of the servers here need updates because of fm19. Only FM18 is compatible with 19, hate it! (my serves are on 17)


Yes Marcus, we have the same with a bunch of Windows 2012 servers that are going to have to be updated to 2016 or 2019 Server. I’ve already finished our development server, due to our customisation it’s about a day’s work per server. :weary:

Rough timing and constraints galore, isn‘t it?

Andy, I got my production server up to catalina and up to fms19 - in the meanwhile. Took unnecessary time because of security settings of cat, of fms as well (no api at the moment), kept me swearing quite a couple of times...

Apple has lost some of it's usability..

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Apple has never understood the business need for compatibility and stability. We just call Catalina Apple's Vista. I have to keep a copy of Windows 10 on Parallels just to be able to support customers trapped on older version of FileMaker for technical reasons as I can't use my Mac for this.

I seem to be sending a lot of reports due to errors to Apple these days, just unplugging the USB C connection on my 2019 MacBook Air usually means a system crash and restart, my 2018 Air was the same.


I've been using Fig, but lost a lengthy reply yesterday when I accidentally touched the list on the left on my iPad.

It kept telling me 'You are currently composing a post. Please complete or dismiss that post before creating a new post' but I could not find any way of retrieving it, with only an OK button on the message. It obviously saves the reply locally, as there was no record of this on the web, Discourse Hub or my iPhone's copy of Fig.

Anyway, gave up in the end and an update this morning has obviously deleted it.

So if I haven't responded to some posts I'm involved in, that's the reason why.

If anyone knows how to open a hidden unfinished reply, do please let me know.


If you say save it, when you come back to the thread, it will offer you to resume your post. Well hopefully. As this is the normal discourse and discourse hub behavior. That way, i can start a reply, see a private message and if I try to answer it, discourse ask me what to do with my reply draft. Once i reply save, i get to respond to the private message.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Poll: do you prefer coding on Windows or MacOS?

I'm fairly new around here. Well actually I showed up at the beginning but then disappeared for a while. I just tried the Fig iPad app, and I really like it. I particularly like that it works well with "Dark Mode", as I do a lot of my tech reading before bed (yeah, I know, it doesn't help you sleep at all!)

Are there any other iPad apps I can A/B it with, or is this the only game in town for Discourse?

Richard F.

This is a reply created with fig on iPhone. Loaded it last week when it got first mentioned here.
Love it!

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Discourse Hub. The official app. On Apple Store.

Could someone try this in Fig on an iPad.

In landscape orientation reply to any post, type a few words, then click on the topics list on the left.

Does your reply disappear and, if so, can you find any way of finding it again or replying to any other posts without swiping the app up and relaunching it?



@Marcus, @planteg ?

Present !

I will try it.

Discourse hub here, love it. Since I'm still on iOS 12 on my iPad, I can not test fig (needs 13)


I am not Planteg nor Markus :wink: but installed Fig for Discourse and it looks fine :ok_hand:

Apparently there is a ‘discover section’ where fmsoup is not registered. It open up when you first open the app. It could be interesting sign in and will avoid to new users to have to enter the full URL (and also meet the need to be more visible). But donnow the requirements.

I will play it a bit and post feedback here.

Bye, Fred

iPad 7 / 13.4.1 / Smart keyboard