Claris Cloud Database asks for Authentication all the time

I have a client using a Claris FileMaker Cloud service. Whenever they switch back to FileMaker after doing something else, they have to re-authenticate. They have to provide their password to get back into the system.

If they are active in the system it stays open. If they leave their desk, or make a phone call, or switch programs and do something else for more than a few minutes they are forced to provide their password.

They are running Windows 10 and FileMaker 19.2.4.

I don't see this happening when I use that system but I'm logging in via MacOS.

Have you checked the "fmreauthenticate[nn]" extended privileges for the privilegesets this is happening to? You are probably using "[Full Access]" which is maybe is excluded for re-autentication.

I suppose that the user-privilegesets have "fmreauthenticate10" activated, which results in having to re-authenticate after 10 minutes idle-time. You can try to set that time a bit longer by changing it into "fmreauthenticate120"

See: Editing extended privileges for a privilege set and Creating and editing extended privileges


I would go for the energy saving settings. Windows cuts the network quite fast when the system goes into some saving mode...


@menno, I had thought reauthenticate10 was for Go / WPE but it fits the current situation so I'm going to try it. I'll know later today whether it has worked.

And the response has come back. No lockouts today. :trophy:

@harvest, good suggestion. I'll recommend that change if the change to reauthenticate settings don't resolve the problem.