Claris Engage 2020: Virtual & FREE

Here is a link to see what is now public:


Wow! I'm expecting some virtual-oso presentations.

phantastic! I received that news yesterday evening - but was unsure if it's free or not.

I would even pay for that event, great that we do not have to travel (what is a problem here if You do not have the 'biometrical passport' (I do not have any passport - no need for that here)

You noticed that European, Japanese and Australian conferences will be virtual, too?

Making it free allows all 50000 FileMaker developers to participate :slight_smile:

Yes, maybe there's a conflict with the 'analog' german conference in october..

Everyone who can understand a little bit of German if welcome to join the German conference in Liechtenstein. And I hope the COVID-19 pandemic is done by October in Europe.