Claris FileMaker Learning Resource, FMSundae, released

Preparing for your FileMaker certification?

Want all of that information in your pocket?

I am delighted to release FMSundae, the Claris FileMaker Learning Resource.

Updated for the latest developer Certification, released May 2021.

  • Links to all key documentation and study points.
  • FileMaker Server and Cloud connection limits at a glance.
  • Supported import and export file formats.
  • Script Trigger reference and orders of operation.
  • Over 200 questions.
  • All resources linking to more information online.

Optimised for Claris FileMaker Go on iPhone.

No iPhone? FMSundae can also be used on your desktop or iPad.

FMSundae is completely free and unlocked.

I developed this for myself and wanted to share with the FileMaker Community.

Download from and enjoy.

Penny Ruddell

FileMaker Certified for versions 10 - 18.


I haven't downloaded it yet, but seems an interesting source of information !

Do we have to use your app only on this specific day ?

Ha, no!

I've been all ready with the app but have been waiting for the new certification release so that I could revise the main Certification Home link and be sure that things had not all changed.

I hope it's useful, may it pull us all away from too many Dodo pet videos.


Thank you so very much! I am certain that this will be an enormous help.