Update FM GO 20.1.2 Out

20.1.2 Pro and Server not yet - at least AFAIK.

(New FM certification stated to be introduced in June as well. Haven't seen any update about it yet?)


Pro / Server, recent informations are here: Claris Community (English)

Certification for FileMaker Pro / Claris Pro is not available yet, to my understanding.


FileMaker Pro 20.1.2 now available

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And FileMaker Server download in our Electronic Software Download Page

@Bobino, thanks for pointing to the FileMaker 2023 v2 updates.

Claris Connect Associate certification launched this week*. The FileMaker Pro Associate certification will be out by the end of the month.

* Sign in to Claris Community to go straight to the course with this link. If you are not signed in, click Academy in the top menu after signing in to see it.

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