Claris FileMaker Server 19.6.2 is now available

From the community:

This release for Claris FileMaker Server addresses important bug fixes and compatibility updates, including the following:

  • Overall load time is now optimized in FileMaker WebDirect.
  • Resolved performance issues in FileMaker WebDirect and FileMaker Data API.
  • FileMaker WebDirect supports Gson 2.10 and Jackson 2.14.0.
  • Eliminated flickering issue when deleting records from a layout with less than 15 records in List View and viewing the same layout in other browser windows.
  • Resolved administrator role access issues in FileMaker Admin Console.

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I hope you bookmarked the link to the Claris Store... webpage for your license, so you can download it there.

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Wow, that was quick!

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Mmmmm, just updated our development server and a simple script that sets a variable to a serial number, goes to a layout, creates a record, sets the foreign id from the variable and returns to the layout containing a portal displaying these records is now failing in WebDirect. Haven't time tonight to investigate further, but this has been working for years and is OK in FMP. Failed so far in Safari and Chrome on the Mac.

Be careful!

Looks like a server restart has resolved this :+1:

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I'm surprised how slow the download speed is from Claris.

I noticed a new marketing nag screen in FMS 19.6.2.

Hopefully, that nag screen will go away. It's popped up twice the two times I've started FMS.

Jeeez. This internal SPAM feels like Quickbooks! :frowning:

@OliverBarrett I found the download speed very slow to the UK as well. Also, the marketing messages are annoying, as they were in the last version. However, advertising in all software seems to be the new annoying norm. The chatbot on the Claris website grinds my gears as well.


That explains the strange sounds I hear !

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I wish these companies understood that constant in-your-face marketing drives people away from, not toward, their product(s).

Thanks Andy.