19.2 now available

Hi everyone,

Claris said we would see product updates more often. With this in mind, here are a few links to the newly available 19.2 releases notes:

FMS - ClarisPKB
FMP - ClarisPKB
FM Cloud - Claris FileMaker Cloud Release Notes

The desktop product can be downloaded here: Download Claris FileMaker updates and resources

The server product can be downloaded via your Electronic Software Download page (or from the Claris Customer Console).


Server 19.2.1 on Windows: PHP is no longer installed with FileMaker Server. After an upgrade, the folder \FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\php\ is no longer present. To preserve your existing PHP installation, back up the PHP folder and restore it after the upgrade is complete.

*there could be other elements to pay attention to, I simply chose to outline this one. Make sure to read the release notes before installing the software.


The advice to preserve the settings in HTTPServer would have been a helpful note for many versions back :smile:

Anyone knows where the link for the server update can be found...?

Ok, found it in ‘Details’.

More on the PHP, this time for MacOS, from the FMS 19.2.1 notes:

FileMaker Server supports HTTP/2, which provides faster web performance for web publishing including Claris FileMaker WebDirect®, FileMaker Data API, and XML. HTTP/2 is enabled by default on all versions of Windows and Linux. HTTP/2 is available on macOS Catalina or higher but must be enabled with the Enable_HTTP2.sh script, which is located in /FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/.
Note: HTTP/2 is not supported on earlier versions of macOS.

If you’re using HTTP/2 on the Mac platform, be aware of the following:

Apache HTTP Server (httpd) processes may fail when using the FileMaker Data API.
PHP web publishing is not supported.
Use the default installation directory since custom locations are not supported.

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  • When FileMaker clients cancel finds in hosted files, finds are now halted quickly. Previously, canceled finds continued to run on the host and failed to stop promptly on clients.

Hallelujah! I can't tell you the number of times I've kicked off a find, realized it was using unstored calcs and going to take hours to run, Canceled it, had nothing happen, and eventually gave up an force-quit FMPro, losing my flow completely (and silently praying I wasn't corrupting the database in the process).


Thanks, I would not have known about this update if it weren't for your posting. :slight_smile:

Update notifications emails typically happen a few days after the release. The in-app notification can be a few days to a few weeks later.

Trying to see if they can post these notifications somewhere more helpful. The post on the community gets buried most often.

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