Claris Licensing Status?

Has anything been done about licensing and WebDirect? Or is it all talk?

I just watched this Q&A session, and it sounds like nothing has changed in more than a decade.

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I wish that the licensing for WebDirect could be based on use, and not have to be so expensive for anonymous users, even when the user count (and traffic) may be low.

But wishing for something and having happen are decidedly different phenomena.


You can always use a site license to cover everyone in the company.
Or use Claris Studio for a few web forms for people to enter data or lookup some.

Claris Studio is the future for solution that need a large number of anonymous users.

WebDirect is basically FileMaker Pro licensing, just without the need to install something on the end user's machine. Great for some environments where installing an app is a road block.

But WebDirect was never meant to be a scalable web front end.
The DataAPI data use limits are going away, so you can also build your web interface in anything and use the DAPI to interact with your FileMaker data.