Claris Studio -- Portals?

We need to have a web-facing portal for hundreds of clients. So far, this requirement has meant FMS is not a solution for this need. We've typically written these pieces from scratch (at zero software cost or minimal if using an existing library or framework).

Wondering if Claris Studio could solve this long-standing issue: huge/unknown licensing cost.

Need: 25 internal users, could use FMS.
Hundreds or thousands of web users using FileMaker data in a web form via a portal. This would be a portal like any other and not limited in some way.

Would this situation be possible while still only paying for 25 user licenses?


Claris Studio is definitely going in that direction. Right now you can use Any web front end and your choice of xDBC, Data API or the others. You can mix and match in so many different ways.

We used Wordpress as a front end which gave us user management out of the box. We added a few custom fields to the user tables (hint: FMP record ID) Then we wrote a plug-in that pulled data from FMP. It could just as easily pushed data. We let Wordpress platform goodies and


Nice! Thanks. :slight_smile: