Clip Manager will not have a new version for the newer mac chipset

Today Lesterius announced that myFMbutler Clip Manager will not be getting a new version for the new ARM chips from Apple.

See their article about this.

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I feel sorry for those who loved Clip Manager. May be another developer could buy the product and continue the development. Looks like all FmButtler products are discontinued.

I learned something reading the article: Clip Manager is developed in Xojo.

Another option is FMClips: FMClips | CampSoftware

It relies on 2empowerFM's Clipboard Explorer: 2empowerFM Clipboard Explorer

I created it years ago for my own use and made it available to others. While it hasn't been updated in a long while it still rocks. I use it almost every day. :slight_smile:


I know 1-more-thing were working on updating their offer for ARM. I think 1-more-clip - 1-more-thing is ready.


Hi, I think you could also use Dropship to manage your scripts, layout objects, custom function.

It is free to use.

Well, sounds more like they prefer to end it compared to go to the Xojo project and do the switch to universal app.

For us the switch is two clicks, then build and test. A very smooth transition so far.

While I can understand the reasoning to stop SW-development, I'm really not happy - ClipManager was/is very helpfull! The support was also really good, Koen's help is really appreciated!

As far as I know, the last (current) version is still in 'evaluation-mode', means that there is no registration available - so in my gut feeling, the end of CM is no surprise

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