19.5 version of FM

Hey there,
Anyone on this forum knows how to upgrade to FM19.5. I saw it on youtube clips and was wondering why the in app updater won't work?
I guess I might have missed something. :innocent:

Thanks for any hints!

Hi @barefoot ,

Welcome to Thesoup ! FMP 19.5 has not yet been released. I checked on the Software updates page, the latest release is 19.4.2.

Was the clip you saw on YouTube about Claris Studio ?

Thank you for @planteg. I saw it in a Claris Announcement about the future and in another under the hood presentation which took 4h where the presenter was an engineer from Claris and demoed 19.5 if I remember correctly. So maybe I am mistaken and it wasn't explicitly stated as the current version?

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That what I thought. FileMaker Pro 19.5 will be needed to be able to use Pages from Claris Studio. For the demo they used a development version. 19.5 is not yet finished. When available a member of Thesoup will happily create a thread to announce it is released.

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If you have applied for the testing of Claris Studio, you may be able to download Claris Pro, which is a similar product as FileMaker Pro 19.5.

in my case I am waiting for the advertised over 400 bug fixes and for the official release end user ready no early prototype ..

Having watched these online discussion where 19.5 and 19.6 roadmaps lined out makes me wonder why they are holding back for so long with 19.5?

I guess just a lot going on there right now being on all fronts at once as it appears to me frankly?


You may want to watch the FMTraining Live Stream on Wednesday and Thursday:

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FM GO FM19.5.1 is out and shows in iOS AppStore

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I saw it also:


and documentation:

for server: