Conférence Québécoise des Développeurs FileMaker®

An email just arrived. First French:

Report de la Conférence Québécoise des Développeurs FileMaker®

Le Regroupement FMQC.CA continue de suivre de près l’évolution des mesures sanitaires découlant de la COVID-19. Comme vous le savez, la CQDF 2020, initialement planifiée au mois de mars dernier, a déjà été reportée à deux reprises, en raison de la crise sanitaire.

Pour le moment, les règles de distanciation sociale ainsi que la fermeture des frontières nous empêchent toujours de tenir l’événement sans le dénaturer. Nous demeurons optimistes que la situation s’améliorera au cours des prochains mois.

Avec l’accord de l’Auberge Saint-Gabriel, le CA du Regroupement FMQC.CA a décidé de reporter encore une fois l’événement. Cette fois-ci, nous visons les 16 et 17 septembre 2021, dans l’espoir que les mesures sanitaires soient assouplies d’ici là.

Nous allons continuer de surveiller l’évolution de la situation et nous vous tiendrons au courant des développements. D’ici là, vous pouvez réserver les 16 et 17 septembre prochain à votre agenda.

Merci de votre compréhension et soyez prudents!

an English translation via software:

Quebec FileMaker® Developers Conference postponed

The Regroupement FMQC.CA continues to closely monitor the evolution of health measures resulting from COVID-19. As you know, the CQDF 2020, originally planned for last March, has already been postponed twice due to the health crisis.

For the moment, the rules of social distancing as well as the closure of borders still prevent us from holding the event without distorting it. We remain optimistic that the situation will improve in the coming months.

With the agreement of Auberge Saint-Gabriel, the Board of Directors of the Regroupement FMQC.CA has decided to postpone the event once again. This time, we are aiming for September 16 and 17, 2021, in the hope that the sanitary measures will be relaxed by then.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you informed of developments. In the meantime, you can mark September 16 and 17 on your calendar.

Thank you for your understanding and be careful!

If possible, I'll try to join the group in Montreal :slight_smile:


That would be great the event is not cancelled this year. And that would be great to see you here !

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I've been twice to Montreal before to the excellent conference there.

One time even drove to Toronto and Ottawa to meet a few people there.

Well this time Ottawa will drive to Montreal:-)

Well, we seem to have kept it like the best kept secret. Truly not intendedly! Momma is presenting at 14h15 today. So is Bobino at 10h45! And Christian, from Monkey Bread Software at 16h10.

Wondering if they are recording for future online viewing...

I'm a bit of an hare so I'm looking cool on the surface and paddling like a mad duck below adding the finishing touches to my presentation. Ok back to my cooking now!

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Excellent! Hope all presentations went well and you all enjoy a great conference!

Now you tell us?

Break a leg!

Tonight is my little presentation.
And they raffle a few prices.

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I was there and had a really good time. First conference as a new developer! It was great to see you both, Cécile and Christian.

Cécile, you really peaked my interest with your subject of Design Systems. It was too bad that you had a tight time constraint. Don't worry, I think most developers understood that you were not just talking about themes like the person in the room commented.

I was looking forward to the list of documents you said you would provide to the organizers so we can delve into it. I was wondering if this is going to appear on the CQDF participant ftp folder? It's missing plenty of stuff right now, including your slides :frowning:. I asked the organizer but he wasn't aware that any more stuff was coming.

Christian, no question, we're already completely sold on MBS and use it plenty :laughing:. Great work and keep the updates coming!


@Marc-Andre , welcome to The Soup !

True, Cécile topo was very interesting. More to come as she will record a longer presentation with all the details. An announcement will be made when the material will be ready.

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That's even better, can't wait! Thank you very much @planteg ! :slight_smile:

also looking forward to this :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! I am happy I have piqued your interest. I must say that I although I felt I embarrassed myself at the time, all the ideas and questions that channelled to me afterwards were so rich and really pushed my reflection even further. So I am glad I did it anyway.

Indeed I intend to prepare a little video with the example file and send it to be put in lieue in the CQDF download folder. I’m not sure when I will record it; before the end of the year for sure.

My life has been in a whirlwind (health issues, housing nightmares, drought of income stream) for the last couple of years and it seems that the heavens like to make keeping even simple promises Hercules feats or humbling paths through failures. I keep your supportive thoughts with me!