Dotfmp 2021 coming!

Did you sign up for FileMaker Conference 2021?

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This conference is organized by Egbert Friedrich and takes place from 3rd to 5th June 2021 in Berlin, Germany.
Since this year the meeting will be virtual again and in English, FileMaker developers from all over the world can join live from home.

dotfmp is an effort of various leading European FileMaker Developers. It is meant to bring all kinds of higher level developers together to share knowledge, educate and challenge each other.

dotfmp starts at the 2nd June 2021 in the later afternoon with a relaxed "Beer and Sausages" in the virtual beer garden. The session days itself last from 3rd until 5th June with various socializing events in the evenings.

dotfmp is a 3 Day-Unconference, Meetup, Hangout or Barcamp. It is an informal and self-organized effort to meet on a personal base.

This year it is virtual, so you can join from your home.

We feel there are far too few possibilities to talk to, learn from, and hangout with fellow developers in a relaxed and informal environment. And we'd like to share work and get feedback from people chewing on similar challenges.

If you like to join the conference and present something, please register soon. A donation to help on the equipment cost is also welcome.

See you there!


Thanks for the reminder Christian.

Unfortunately Egbert banned me a few years ago from the for literally no reason. What I've heard I'm not the only one.

All FileMaker communities that I know are about meeting developers, sharing information and a personal exchange of experience, not about selection and excluding interested people. Therefore: thanks, but no thanks.

And yes: I am still hurt!

Well, feel free to ask him about this, but since that is Egbert's party, he can invite or not invite whoever he wants.

I’m in the same boat. Asked for reason but got no answer. Although not really caring about it anymore, I’m still quite surprised about exclusion now that I got reminded about it.

Thank you very much, @MonkeybreadSoftware for the reminder!

What I may add is that there has to be, for various reasons, an attendees limit for the in-person event. But due to the event being virtual in 2021 this limit is lifted.

So, we welcome anyone willing to share, contribute and challenge each other in a positive way. Please just consider the high level of expertise there before signing up!

We support and follow the Berlin Code Of Conduct
TL;DR: is no place for dogfights or Kindergarden!
Or plain making business!


Willkommen in der Suppe :slight_smile:

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Will this be in English?

Yes. International event with English speakers.

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I am new to this event so you have to present something in order to join the party? Did I misunderstand?

Welcome .
Please sign up soon and join the chats and presentations.

If you can share something, we would be happy, but it is not a requirement.

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I hope you all got tickets.
Registration closed.

should change the title to "less then one week" // or apply idempotence law :wink:

THANK YOU. Best fm conference ever. Very very impressed about amazing presenters and their super sessions! This is a landmark and a benchmark anything following in regards ..

All was very easy on the eye and very relevant. Thanks again!!