Connection from FileMaker to PrestaShop MySQL Database

I'm trying for 2 weeks to connect a FM solution to a PrestaShop MySQL db.
Locally, I use MAMP Pro and I can connect to my local database with PHPAdmin.

I'm not able to connect this same database with ODBC Manager to define a DSN for using inside FileMaker external resource.

Has somebody some experience for this kind of job. Help w'll be appreciated.


Use their API instead:

It is not a good idea to try and connect to their underlying table structure because they can and will change that at will for their own development purpose. Using their API is the best way to integrate.


Thanks WimDecote

I'll read what is this purpose.
I never use API with FM, but perhaps the beginning of a long complicity :slight_smile:

It's actually easier than you think so do dive in and ask any and all questions. I'm about to release a series of blog articles of journey into the Office 365 APIs. Different APIs but the journey is similar.


After some holidays and 16 days in hospital due to COVID-19, I'm back, so excuse my silence.

With help of Editomac, Prestashop help and using API I found the good way to do what I want.

I success with connection, get a plain text field with datas and was able to write a script to retreive each field from this text.

If somebody wants to have explanation I'll write a little document to explain how to do.


I don't have an immediate need, but if you feel like sharing while it is fresh for you, I'll know where to go if I have something that involves prestashop.

It's always great when people share about what they have been working on.


Hello Bobino and all guys here.

I've written a little document in French and English (google translation).

ModeAccèsPrestashop.pdf (164,3 Ko)


Thanks! And glad to have you back.

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16 days in hospital - this virus is terrible. Take it slowly and don't do too much - the recovery can be long.

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Thank yo Mark.

Oh yes, this virus is very nasty.
I came close to the red line with 9 days of coma and 7 days of intensive care. No more strength and no more muscle despite the care performed with great professionalism by the nursing staff.
Now it's a thing of the past, I've taken over a few activities, developing FileMaker solutions is good training.

Be careful, wash your hands regularly and above all wear a mask. If possible stay at home as much as possible.

Now, I am retired from the private and salaried sector. I'm going to work a bit with FileMaker and play even more with my hobby: the genealogy of my family.


Jeez that sounds awful. Our Government appear to be pushing for the second wave - so bad. I can work from home and we are as isolated as possible. Spending time with FileMaker sounds like a great way to occupy your mind. Take care.

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Wow! Coma! Happy you won that battle! I am sick since March 23 nothing near the severity of your ordeal but it just won’t leave. 3 relapses so far. When I am spending a couple days up and about (very light activity and lots of breaks), the fever and cough come back and knock me out. Talking is exhausting.

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If you use a JDBC driver (JDBC is a standard supported by ALL RDBMS vendors), you can easily connect to any MySQL database.

FileMaker also has a free JDBC driver so you could get data from MySQL (via SELECT) and then copy it into your FileMaker database (via INSERT or UPDATE SQL).

Very straightforward and....FREE.

As @WimDecorte said, however, if there is an API you can use like the REST link he included, I would definitely use that over trying to understand, reverse-engineer, their MySQL table structure. (Note there are tools that will read a MySQL (or other) database and give you a full ERD.)

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I tried to use JDBC but never have a connection to my database.

Using API is free and I success.

Both are free, but as long as you got the API working, that would be the way to go.

(If you search for "Java JDBC Example", you'll find tens if not hundreds of online examples.)

Here's one example:

Java - JDBC Connection Example (MySQL) - HowToDoInJava

Happy Coding! :slight_smile:

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I'm old generation (age 67) and have never work with C language and followings. I don't know Java and SQL language also.
API works perfectly and permits to do what I need to do and that's good.

It's all good.

I wasn't suggesting you switch to Java; rather, just showing how easy it is to find examples where you really don't have to know the language.

Happy Coding! :slight_smile:

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