Creating a new method (aka, function) in a SparkJava micro-service

No longer available.


Something has removed your video ... I'm afraid

I removed it since it had little activity and was taking up space on DB.

Are you working on a new sparkjava micro-service?

No ... but I'm looking to get up to speed with micro-services and FileMaker - and you are clearly the man to learn from!

The shoe-event-horizon is coming! Micro-services will be unavoidable one day soon!




Thanks for your reply, I re-posted the videos.

I used the "sparkjava" framework since it's super straightforward to use.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I'm just seeing a spinning circle. The video never loads, and I can't directly access it.

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You mentioned in the mindmap "hosting" the micro-service. As someone who knows absolutely nothing about Serverless Compute like AWS Lambda, what's up with all of that? Is it possible and cost-effective to run micro-services without the server?

I'm just seeing a spinning circle

I did to. Before clicking on the video, wait for the spinning wheel to go, you will then see the first slide.

Looks like it takes a while to load. @Cecile can that be a limitation of The Soup account ?

I don’t know because both videos above uploaded very fast for me.

@anon45965781 do you embed the videos or upload them to discourse?
Unless they are very big, I would much prefer that you upload them because it is very important for site continuity. As we get indexed, I don’t want visitors to get a 401 or ressource unavailable warning. Just think how frustrated we all were when the old Jive links stopped working in Google.
If comes a point when media becomes too heavy on disk space, we will look into another solution but as of now, were only using 0.11 of our 10 g

HandBrake is good for shrinking the video size. It has some pretty nice presets and you can customize as you wish. I use the CLI, but it has a GUI too.

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It took somewhere between 20 and 30 sec. before they were available. My download speed is 30 M, maybe the ISP does some throttling - they are not supposed - cause of COVID-19. The speed test states 31 Mbps. Strange :thinking:

I let it sit for an hour... still no video.

Still video.


Correction... it just loaded.

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Both videos load quickly for me. Not sure what's going on in your case.

I just posted the URL link to the video. They both run normally for me. Sorry you're having an issue.

Check out AWS Beanstalk documentation. Using Beanstalk, you upload your code (in my case a WAR file) and you just get a URL. There's no server instance like EC2.

I don't demonstrate how to create a WAR file, but, like a JAR file, it has the same file format as a ZIP file. And, using Maven you would build the WAR file the same way the video demonstrates. The main difference is how you "deploy" the JAR or WAR file. You use a WAR file with an application server like Tomcat.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll be glad to help.

Glad to hear that.

Please let me know your comments on the videos so I can improve them and for future videos.


They both load and play immediately and normally for me.

I just uploaded a link to the videos as they sit on DropBox.

Not sure why they're running slowly for some people.

They run instantly for me. Thanks.

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To all: Please let me know if these videos are helpful. If not, what would you like to see? More depth, more complex coding examples, .....? I used music and not voice narration since these videos are only meant for a quick intros.

There are a few things that are glossed over, but with any questions, I'll be happy to fill in any blanks.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Just as a point of reference:

Somewhere within the last 4 months @anon45965781, you asked for some feedback on a video that you posted.

At that time, for me, the video took a long time to load. I no longer recall how long -- but long enough that I began to draft you a message to let you know that the video would not load. And then, as I was about to send that message off, the video, indeed, began to load.

Apologies that I don't have more details to add, e.g. the link or the number of seconds/minutes that the loading took. It has been a while.

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