DBDiagram: A Relational Database Diagram Design Tool

Here is a nice app, I stumbled on the other day — dbdiagram.io


Thanks for that, looks interesting !

Can I get the name of the coffee (or drug) the developer in that gif is using?


There is also SQL Editor ($79) that works with all databases, including FileMaker. If you choose FileMaker it will FORWARD and REVERSE engineer your FileMaker database. That means it will create (forward) or read into its model (reverse) an existing database so you can modify and then forward engineer it again.

You can also design a brand new database and then forward that new database to FileMaker.


For my money, this is the SQL tool to get. It also creates FileMaker DDR.

Here's an example.

I have a database called "EmailWebHook.FMP12" that I'm using to capture email data using Zapier (and the free fmgateway connector). For clarity, this is a good example since it only has a single table.

Here are the steps:

  1. Install the free FileMaker JDBC driver into the directory SQL Editor mentions when you go to "Preferences>Database>Installed Drivers" and you click "Open Driver Directory".
    (you only do this setup one time)

  2. Create a setup item for your FMP database (remember to enable JDBC in your FMP12 database).

Now you have an active setup item for that database whenever you need to work with it (read update schema and save...).

Note, I used localhost since the FileMaker database was, well, local. But this connection could also be to FMS using that URL.

  1. Now, just click the File > Import From Database

Notice that after selecting your database, you see that the (in this case) one table is open. Clicking on a field gives you a dialog so you can change any of the field definitions. You can also add new fields, tables, or whatever, and then forward engineer it to save those database changes back to Filemaker.

SQL Editor also works with any other database like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, .... so it's a real gem.


2.a open the database, you want to import :slight_smile:

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Isn't that what I noted in step 3 after you configure the connection?

didn't get it as I ran into 802 errors but doesn't matter, it's easy to figure out, thank you for the link and showing how easy it is to read table and field definitions from FM files... used to write some scripts to get this sql-code but this is way faster

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Awesome! :slight_smile: Also, you can generate some nice reports using this tool.

Thanks for the reply back.