Default Custom Menu not being used

Is anyone else seeing problems with custom menus on v19.5.3?

I have a file that has a custom menu set named "standardUser" and that menu set is selected as the file default. All but a few layouts automatically use the [File Default] menu set. However, when I open the file and go to any of these layouts using file default menu set they are not using "standardUser" they are using the FileMaker default menu. If I set the menu for the layout to standardUser it does behave properly.


We've had no problems, but we never set the menu in the layout and always set these using OnLayoutEntry script trigger; we sometimes have different menu sets for different users. Hence, can't do a direct comparison.

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I've been doing it this way since v9 without problem.

  1. Create a custom menu set
  2. Set it as the file default
  3. on layouts that need a different menu set, specify it.

When I tinker, the layout picks up the correct menu set. Unfortunately, when I close and re-open the file, the menu set specified as the file default is not being used.