Developers Partners and Vendor relationships

There is no progress or improvement without challenge. The systematic suppression of challenge is called ....

Exactly. I am buying a license, I am a customer. As a developer, I brought in additional customers.
And I do not want my hand being bitten by a supplier who benefits from my activities in the above sense.



I understand where you are coming from. However, there is another element to take into account - culture.

To my cost, as a European, despite being British, and being married to a (Northern) Irish wife, I am used to speaking as I feel and receiving back from someone who does the same.

I have also grown up with Americans having lived close to USAF air bases in the East of England. My closest confidant (an ex F15 pilot) lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

The reason for the above is to explain that there is a huge gap in corporate culture, more so than individual culture. What may appear as honest expression from someone from one location can be taken as a personal insult from another.

These different interpretations of what is written in a public forum can lead to unnecessary reactions.

I celebrate our cultural differences, but we must always be careful to take into account the way messages we publish are received.

Kind regards



Recently I talked to two Claris partners telling my gripes among other things. Both of them told me the same thing "you think like a developer". Well that's what I am :slightly_smiling_face:. For example I was complaining about the fact that there is no bug database, well no public database.

We know that Claris is not interested in small customers - less than 5 users. The remark from those two partners meant that Claris don't look after developers - should I say don't mind ? They target citizen developers, that's it, that's all.

The new Community is a total pain, Claris doesn't worry. For those who were not here at the beginning, Cécile had a chance to talk to someone with Claris, that didn't change anything. This is how TheSoup is born.

I love a lot Discourse as much as I hate the official Community :rage:. Here when one wants to get to the last post, it's right at the bottom. If the post is a reply to John Doe, you're told right at its top, with a link to see the original message that displays it above the reply, even though that post is 20 posts away.

Cécile again, many thanks for finding Discourse, it rocks !!! TheSoup is useful to everybody that comes here.

Maybe we should talk about fmSoup every chance we can, but not in the official Community.


simply +1!


I am fully with you. In the anglo-saxon business universe, The Customer is the second important deity (after money).
I am not a super salesperson, but one thing I learned: if you want to sell, understand your customer (this includes her/his cultural background). Don’t impose your culture on her/him.


If I felt like a client was taking this position regarding my own business, I would politely suggest we part ways. I listen to my clients very carefully, but they do not have a place at the helm of our ship.

When I have an issue with Claris, I'll sometimes post about it on the community forums, but the most important thing I'll do is collect and organize my thoughts (hopefully with some numbers/data). I'll then contact my Claris Rep. They're always very cool about listening to my concerns.

That's it when it comes to FileMaker. I don't persist when Claris has a direction contrary to mine.