EMEA Partner Webinar

Anyone else been invited to this webinar later today Thursday 11:30 GMT?

The original email I received was:

Dear FileMaker Developer,

We are searching more talented partners because our customer demand is exceeding our current partner capacity. Become a Claris Partner and leverage the leading workplace innovation and productivity platform to grow your business. Claris supports our global ecosystem of partners, creating the freedom to work your way and support your customers. Help your customers navigate their digitally transform or someone else will.

Join the ever growing community of partners and a talented group of problem solvers, achieving business success and growth. You can find out more:

Thursday, February 20 at 11h30 UK Time
Register Now: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4561369472543125250

Join us!

Marie Normand, EMEIA Partner Manager

not me

There is something similar for America, I got this on the 10th:

Claris International’s product suite is the market leader in workplace innovation, and in today's era of digital transformation you can’t afford to not have it in your development toolkit. The FileMaker Platform gives you the tools to be a problem solver so you can quickly develop apps for all of your customers’ unique needs. Claris Connect allows you to integrate apps with data from third-party cloud services such as Box, DocuSign, and others, and create automated workflows between them.

Claris offers an exclusive partnership program that will fast track your success towards landing new customers and growing your consulting business. As a Claris Partner you will join our global ecosystem of innovators and problem solvers, who help customers with their digital transformation.

We have over 1500 partners worldwide that can testify to the impact that joining our partner program has had on their business.

Join our live webinar to learn about the benefits of joining the Claris Partner Program, how you can apply, and a limited time offer to join now.

There is an equivalent elsewhere. I'm not EMEIA so the email I got is not from Marie and the wording is different. The dates are Feb 25th and Feb 27th.

I am nearing the end of my first year of operation and will apply (you need to have been in business 12 months to apply. There are other requirements also.)

Unless your business is only getting marginal income from FileMaker consulting, I don't really see why someone would not join the program. I'm sure some people prefer not to join, but that's up to them.

Were you not planning on joining the program?

I think this is FBA Stuff - at least in Germany , I'm not an FBA member, only Technet or what ever it is called and did not get any invitation.

With that, you are basically handing your customer database over to Claris. To my knowledge, Claris has not published a code of conduct, regarding commercial practise.

Torsten, we’ve been FBA for as long as I can remember and we’ve only ever gained from our membership.

It also gives the opportunity to become SBA if it is of interest and there are many other benefits.

We wouldn’t hesitate to join if we were sent an invitation.

Kind regards

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I think Claris does this every year to find new partners.
Being a partner allows you to order cheaper the licenses and bundle them with your solution.

If you are concerned that Claris may contact your customer directly, make sure you have the right contact details in there. e.g. ask the customer to create an email account for FileMaker and have those emails be forwarded to you as their FileMaker development guy.

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This concerns me. Why would Claris be contacting end users directly without consulting the partner first?

It can happen Mark, if the client has not been registered to you. Particularly if you take on a new customer and they are unaware this has happened.

However, all communications relating to our regular customers do come from Claris to us. It can be very useful as we get alerts when a client’s AVLA is due to expire.

A license DB should provide the following set of information:
License UID, Reseller, End user.
At any point in time, a registered end user’s license can be linked to a reseller. Provided they use other than their forum search function :crazy_face:.

No. We have been FBA partners since forever and that is not what happens or what is required.

I'm not sure I'm following you @Torsten. I believe Claris already knows about all the customers because they issue the license information directly to them, regardless of who they are doing business with.

Are you talking about prospects who are not already using the FileMaker platform? Or are you talking about Claris awareness that I have a business relationship with those customers?

Please refer to my previous post:

I've had 100% positive experiences with the FBA & SBA. I've never experienced any shenanigans or unwarranted solicitation on behalf of FMI/Claris.

I have gained 2 new clients who needed a database by request of Claris in Munich
So – not bad to pay for Claris Partnership former FBA – for me

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Quick follow up. Not much new info but they are offering a 50% reduction in the partner fee, for the first year, if you send in your application before mid March.

I don’t think I will be able get mine done in time to qualify but if you are thinking about this and have everything ready it’s a pretty good offer.

One caveat is that you had to be a participant in the webinar to qualify for the reduced fee.

The Webinar lasted only 15 minutes. In short we were told "we need you, we can't keep up with demand". With that amount (absence ?) of information the next step is to fill an application.