To stay «partner» or not to stay

I Wrote last year: «I have gained 2 new clients who needed a database by request of Claris in Munich
So – not bad to pay for Claris Partnership former FBA – for me»
After one year and reading the discussions in the partner-forum, I doupt, if the money is worth staying partner. Where are the benfits? For me!
Any hints. Thanks
Louis (72 years old and FBA/Partner since 1997)

At your age, you may be in retirement already?

FBA includes:

  • Test licenses for FMPA and Server
  • The allowance to advertise with FBA status including some logo for website.
  • Listing on the FileMaker website, which may drive some business to you
  • Reseller pricing.
  • At conferences sometimes a special session with information from Claris.
  • Sometimes at events a special meal with other FBA members.
  • Regular Webinars about future versions or webinars to ask questions.
  • Extra items on the website like migration utility, which you can bundle.
  • At a conference, you may get an award if you very well.

Did I miss a point?
Not sure whether those are still relevant for you.

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Thank you for the arguments: I do know them. I prefer spend my money buying a good Plug-In :slight_smile:
Claris actually doesn't fulfill my needs (no PR in EMEA, Britta not even answering messages, etc).
I have clients (small business) whom I will stand by in future, but yes, slowing down the work – still interested in developing and teaching.


When I was 15, I thought 40 was the end of life; that I would be ugly and alone (!) thus better die before than having to go through that awful faith. Now that I am 51... looking forward to being a beautiful loved and happy 75 years young one day!


Thank you Cecile for your kind message, but the point is not the age, the point is, that I am dissapointed by Claris, so keeping my developer account and giving up my partner account looks like a good choice for me. Just thinking ...

btw love is a completely other subject :slight_smile:

It is ok to decide not to renew if you have determined that it doesn’t bring a sensible value or support your current business goals.

  • Test licenses for FMPA and Server
  • Reseller pricing.

To me these seem to be the main benefits in your list. But you get a test license with the much cheaper FDS (FM Developer Subscription) as well. So if you don't have too many clients FDS may be the way to go.


Hi Louis

I can imagine your 'is FBA worth it' doubts. It's one of the reasons we left the FBA at some stage, but we returned later mainly because of these advantages:

  • Test licenses for FMPA and Server
  • The allowance to advertise with FBA status including some logo for website.
  • Reseller pricing.
  • Extra items on the website like migration utility, which you can bundle.

The PR value of being an FBA member or getting 'leads' for potential customers from Claris representatives have never really materialised for us.

F.Y.I. we specialise on integrating with hardware (netwerk stuff, controlling machines, etc.) and API's + integrating with other systems (European VAT checking, UPS integration, UBL Invoicing, Apple Contacts, Apple Calendar, etc.)

Claris' focus for directing potential customer to a certain FBA member appears to be more on those FBA members with more than two -preferably certified- developers. And not so much on certain specialisations. But that's my 1 Eurocent impression :wink:

Nevertheless, the advantages that I picked out are more then enough at the moment to keep us aboard.



I'm also older than 65 - here in Switzerland, one gets retired at 65 (officially) and I'm partner as well.

We do no longer sell licensies - the K&K Verlag does those sales, it's easier for us since Klemens does really know the license-thing... (and we don't have a 'mass-product', we do custom-app's for customers, maintenance etc.)

For me there are 3 reasons

  • we still belive in FM/Claris and we want to show that
  • site-license (not for resale) for partners
  • we get a new version and some infos somewhat earlier
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I renewed my partnership for another year with Claris today (by paying the fee)

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I am also happy to see a few new companies on the partner search site.
Looks like for this year about a dozen new entries are added.

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First I want to thank for all the arguments pro & contra. I keep my Developer status and renounced to the Partner status