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When exporting the the first row is showing "0" instead of Client Cost Price.... Any help?

Is the calculation outputting the calculation as Text or Number?

Number field in the table.

when I use web viewer its saying table missing, because of row.

The calculation works for other rows in excel, I cant figure out why not for this and a handful of others

"Table missing" is the default error. It's assuming that "row" is a field name but it can't see a field of that name in the current table, so it's prompting you to tell it which table the field is from.

FileMaker translation of "row" is Get(RecordNumber).

Is it possible, all my relationships are correct, & it's just a weird "glitch" with Filemaker -> Excel export?

I am also having issues with two column's

I have:


The bio column exports the Description::TextMain for the 1st row but then continues with the correct data for the following rows

MALCOM ! I see what you meant...
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Export a .mer (merge) file, rather than CSV or Excel. The first row a MERGE export is the field names in the export set.

IDK if the number > 14 digits, but Excel also cannot handle numeric fields with more than 14 digits. Found this out with credit card numbers; you have to break it into 2 fields for Excel to deal with it.

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Excel reminds me of Harry


:joy: ahah

AFAIK, there is nothing Excel can do, that FileMaker can't do better, although there is more work to make a targeted solution than a generic "let-everyone-see-everything" Excel data set. It also violates a core principle of data management; there should only be "one-version-of-the-truth"; a single authoritative source of data.

Or as the modern Confucius would state: "Man with one watch, always knows the time; man with 2 watches, never sure" :slight_smile:

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