Export Bug when using numbered field names

This bug may only be noticed by a few people but I thought I'd mention it.

When creating a new file from a data set that does not have field names the database engine provides numbered field names. They are f1, f2, f3 ..... f10, f11, f12 ... f20, f21, f22, etc.

If you leave the file names in that state and then start to export records the export dialog first assumes that you want to export fields based on the current layout. (You can switch to the current table if you wish.)

In the list of fields, when you are looking at the list based on the current layout, the fields are sorted A-Z and this modifies the field order. So, instead of the order of fields being f1, f2, f3 ..... f10, f11, f12 ... f20, f21, f22, etc. the fields are f1, f10, f11,... f2, f20, f21... f3, f30, f31. If you move all fields in this state, the column sequence will be out of sequence.

The list of fields shown for the current table is based on the current display options for the table and it defaults to the field creation order. That will be f1, f2, f3 and so on. That will output the fields in their original sequence.


Hi Malcolm

We use a similar technique for custom reports and number the first 9 fields f01, f02, f03 for this and other reasons.

It is a standard text sort.

Kind regards


Yes, The remedy is fairly easy. I really should have called this a GOTCHA rather than a bug.