External Data Sources - naming convention

Hi All,

Here is a fun thought exercise...

Which External Data Sources naming convention do you prefer and why?

What might be the use cases/goals?

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Using exactly the same name is unambiguous, so that gets my vote.

Use case: working with 2 divisions in the same organization, both of whom have their own multi-file systems with their own MainMenu/Home/Dashboard file and HelpRequest file.

You add some improvements (that include #FileMaker Scripts that call other files) to one of the systems and want to easily copy the code to the other system.

Which naming convention makes the Scripts the most portable?

Conforming with existing schema, is one thing that you'll already be paying attention to. And uniqueness, you can check the existing set of names in both systems and ensure that your scripts have unique names. That will ensure that there are no naming conflicts as you move them.