Getting a List of External Data Sources

Does anyone know of a technique to get a list of external data source names for a FileMaker file?

To be clear, I am not looking for a list of open files.

It’s in the xml outputs. External sources and file access permissions.


Let me add… within FileMaker.

I certainly can't think of a way. I think of the EDS names sort of like variable names, sorta dev-facing 'handles', but not query-able.

Though, if it's a requirement, maybe you could have a server schedule periodically Save As XML, and store the EDS names in a field within the db itself?


Oh! That's interesting. I might try that one.

Too bad such a basic need requires such a roundabout solution.


Agreed, especially since the Eds name is how to fully qualify a script name in perform script by name.


Precisely why I need to figure this out. I want to know if a failure to address a script is because the external data source name is failing or the script name is failing.

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