FDS - already thing of the past?

It appears that the FileMaker Developer Subscription (FDS) cannot be purchased or renewed. The link does not work any longer:


Instead, it produces an error message with the helpful note, that prices will increase on 24th of September:

This has licensing implications: the FDS software EULA makes it illegal to use the software under that license beyond the end date of the contract (data-to-date from last purchase) and requires removal of said software from all devices.

Does anyone have reliable information about what's next for developers (those who still want to go the Claris way)?

You could become a Claris Partner, which I think includes the licenses.

otherwise ask someone from Claris, e.g. @RosemaryTietge or @rickkalman.

Thanks for info, @MonkeybreadSoftware!

there will be more and more to come - in short intervals. Can be that this is temporary, can be that other models will appear

hopefully, Claris 'kriegt die Kurve'

Anyway- after reading/watching the latest information, I'm running in circles (for those who remember the macOS talking moose)

My FDS subscription end on September 29th. I search ho last year it was handled: I got an email from Claris with a personalized link to Claris Store. I haven't got it yet.

I asked the question on the community about FDS being stooped, got a few answers that didn't help, one has renewed its subscription August !!. Then I mentioned Rosemary in a reply, I didn't get an answer

The Claris Web Site is the worst in the world.


I haven't found my post asking Rosemary, I added it this morning.

@MonkeybreadSoftware ,

there was a typo with @rickkalman, it is @rickaltman there is a single k. I added Rick also. I hope I will get an answer.

As per today, the FDS subscription is back. On the page it is specified that Server and Pro are only for testing purposes. Software under this license shall not be used in a production environment. SW development is production, isn’t it?

Er… no! Software development is not production. In the context of a software development, development is the effort of producing code that achieves a desired result. Production is the use of said code to obtain the desired result.

The only time I could see overlap between the two is when interim tools are created as a means of speeding up development. In this case, I would argue that the use of the interim tools are not permitted as their use no longer constitutes development. Claris, however, seems to turn a blind eye to this sort of usage.

I got an answer from Rosemary this morning:

FDS is still available. Our team is actively discussing our future developer programs and we will share when we can.

The link in the store to buy FDS has been repaired.

And I just got my email recalling me my subscription will end Sep. 26.

Well, then. Honi soit qui mal y pense :smirk:

May be being replaced with the new "freemium" model - Robert Naud posted in another channel

Please note that freemium is said to be for one user trying the platform and be able to develop something. And that includes Claris Studio.
But not sure what limits it will have exactly beside being limited to one user.

FDS is a three user license of FileMaker Pro + Server:


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