Will FDS (testing FMS server, for example) still exist?

Sorry if this has already been answered but will I still be able to get a testing FMS server for AWS like I do now after Claris' new initiatives?

I don't need or want any of their new "web" offerings (these tech problems solved long ago for free) so I'm just trying to see if I'll have the same basic options as I do now, albeit at probably a higher cost.


Yes, the same products as before, including the server, at the same price ... but the price will increase on Sept. 24th.

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FDS pricing will go up as well? I had not heard that, but if we eventually get more products in the bundle, that would make sense.

Maybe the new freemium model might effect FDS as well?

No it will not. Freemium is free and is not available right now as far as I know. FDS is exactly as before. As for the rise of 10% on the price for FDS, if your renewal date is far, you may wait. For me this date is Sept. 26, I will renew today or tomorrow !

Thanks for the info. My renewal date was last week, so I am good for another year. We will see what changes might happen in that time.

My FDS renewal expires today. I have emailed Marie Normand to ask what benefits or whether the FDS still remains. Other than the development server, which we don’t use, all other software benefits previously exclusive to FDS are now available to all with or without the subscription.

I’ve asked for a reason to renew.


True. if you need only these, you do not need FDS now. Those who wish to have FMP and FMS for testing purposes, FDS is an option.

@planteg - Marie has confirmed this to be the case and we’ll not be renewing our FDS(s).

Interestingly, in the UK in the old days when we used to go to FileMaker Developer meetings with FileMaker UK as it was then, being FDS was a prerequisite for attendance. These were great meetings and well worth the subscription alone.

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Sic transit gloria mundi.

same here in Switzerland, was really great - but no longer