Filemaker 11 Pro Advanced Client Installation Software

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the FM11 Pro Advanced Client installation software?

Someone may help you.

But you may better think long term to move to FileMaker 19.x

I echo @MonkeybreadSoftware's comment.

FileMaker 11 is an 11 year old software that uses the fp7 file format. It has not been supported for years. Not sure about Windows support but the Mac OS versions compatible with FileMaker 11 are also no longer supported. Same goes with hardware compatible with these OSes.

You (or your customer) would likely be best served by converting the solution to the fmp12 file format and using a fully supported software and hardware stack. I think sticking with the old stack represents a financially liability considering the age. You will have a nightmare on your hands if the solution is mission-critical and something goes.

That being said, I could be wrong. I would love to know the arguments that make the case to stick with FileMaker 11.

We have an old FM5 app we want to upgrade to FM19 - first step is to upgrade to fp7 format using FM11 client then go to fmp12 with FM19 Client


That is what we are doing. We have an old FM5 app that we want to upgrade – first to FM7 then to FM19. We are using FM11 Pro client but would like to use the FM11 Pro Adv since it has features that would facilitate this.

Thanks for the link to the software – do you know where we can purchase a license key?



You could ask Claris for a license key of course.

Hi @malbinny ,

welcome to The Soup ! I checked on the Software updates page on Claris site, but unfortunately they stop at V 12 for the old versions.

My suggestion is to contact Claris as previously suggested. One way is to go to

create an account if you do not have one, and create a question where you explain the reasons why you need to get V 11. Someone from Claris will tell you how to proceed.

Our of curiosity, where do you learn about The Soup ?

Good luck with your project. If you need more help, come back to us ! Be sure to use the latest version of V 19 during the last step.

I've sent you a PM

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