Looking to purchase a FM upgrade or version

I have been using FM 7 Developer version and want to upgrade...but it may be less expensive to just buy the newest Developer version? I am in Europe, can anyone pass along a reliable source/contact to purchase and discuss my FM needs? Thanks and much appreciated.

Well, if you like to update your solution, you may just buy a fresh FileMaker Server with seats for your company.

For testing only, you can get FDS membership:

Thanks for the suggestion. I'd like to speak to a sales representative.

Hi @Jenyen

@MonkeybreadSoftware has provided you with the correct information. We are Claris business partners and can confirm that there is no upgrade path for a single copy/license or for very old versions of FileMaker.

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I figured as much. So which version is the latest Developers version?

'developer version' does no longer exists - FileMaker Pro 19.5.x is the current version, starting with FileMaker 17, the developer-tool are integrated and can be activated using the preferences

Means: Every current version of FileMaker Pro has the 'developer'

Updates are no longer available for V7 - good news is that most of the V7 files can be converted

ps. Runtimes are no longer available. Latest version with runtimes is 18

Thanks Markus - that explains a lot for me. Can you recommend a reliable source in Europe to purchase the Pro 19.5 version?

You can of course contact claris, e.g.


or a reseller like the K&K Verlag:

The latter may help you to navigate the license options and sell you a license.

brilliant thanks! much appreciated.

As Christian mentioned: If You are in DACH region (german speaking part of Europe), call the K&K Verlag

Maybe @AndyHibbs knows sources in the UK - and You can go to the Claris webshop

Thanks again, I checked everyone out and I found what I needed. Much appreciation.

Sorry, late to the party again. One word of caution if considering buying the standalone copy of FileMaker 19.

We are expecting a freemium copy within the new Claris Studio for development only, but no timescale for release as yet - to my knowledge.

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And that is expected to be only for Claris Pro/Server.
So you can't develop there and use it in FileMaker Pro/Server.