FileMaker contributions to fighting COVID-19

This time last year I looked for a collaborator through the Claris Community to work with me on creating an App to enable people to demonstrate their health status.

Matt Haughton responded and today we released VIGOR Document Certification, exactly a year later. This is a native iOS & Android App written by Matt in Unity. We use FileMaker to manage the multiple language translation strings that Unity pushes into the App.

Here is a piece on Medium describing our project:

Here is a short video explaining it, simply:

In essence, as database experts, we know enough to have designed a system with no databases in order to fully protect people’s privacy.

Rather fitting isn’t it?

So you can inspect our work on either App Store and please feel free to challenge criticise us etc. We hope to see this used worldwide. It is free to the user - deployments will require sponsorship of some nature to cover the limited costs.


Looking forward to hearing what you have done?

Cheers, Nick