FileMaker Export Records

I noticed that when doing an export from FileMaker to CSV, and then opening that CSV up in, say, BBEDIT, there are lots of unrecognized characters (possibly the same one).
I selected UTF-8 for the export (and tried others, too) so I'm not sure what the problem is.
How can I get just the text output?

BBEdit is simply showing you what is there. With the CSV open in BBEdit, to find out what the character is, select it, then go to Window -> Palettes -> Character Inspector.

To find out more about plain text, watch this video

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Thanks @Malcolm! (That was also a great BBEdit tip!)

The issue is why the character (Unicode 000B) won't export as the character itself.

Not sure how to remedy this from the atomic "Export Records" script step.

Unicode 000B is the line tab or vertical tab.

Tab Return characters pasted into text fields get silently converted to vertical tabs. You can type them in by using option-tab on the Mac, I forget the windows key combo.

Of course, in BBEdit you can search for unicode characters and replace them all with \t.

thanks for the correction @bdbd

Sorry @Malcolm… but that's incorrect. Character 000B, the vertical tab, replaces the newline and return characters in both tab delimited and in comma separated value files. Tab characters in tab delimited files are replaced by spaces. They are not replaced in comma separated value files.


Did you try Windows-1252 instead of UTF-8 too?

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I think it's a BBEDIT thing. The file opens OK in TextEdit.

Different approaches. TextEdit is assuming that you are engaged with word processing activities and that a vertical tab is delineating white space. A good assumption in this case. BBEdit is assuming that a CSV file is a data record and it ensures that each record is displayed on a single line.

You can copy and paste between the two. Exactly the same text, different handling of white space characters.


I don't know if this adds any info to this particular problem, but I needed to write a file with both CRs and LFs, and BBEdit would assume both were line endings and convert them both to LFs. I called their Help desk and was informed that this was the default behavior and that I couldn't change it. (Which I thought was odd for a text editor.) Maybe they treat the vertical tab similarly.

In my case, BBEDit suggested I do a Reg-Ex replace on the problem character.


That doesn't look right. BBEdit doesn't convert file data. Furthermore, you can specify the line ending of files. Unix (LF), Mac (CR) and Windows (CRLF) are all supported. This is selectable below the horizontal scroll bar.