FileMaker Licensing . . . again

Hi there,

need clarifications again on licensing.

Today I was looking at different licensing and prices. This is for a non-profit organization.

Basically there are Teams - Annual, Teams - Perpetual and Individual (and FileMaker Cloud, but not interesting for me).

I saw that the definition for user is the same for Teams - Annual and Teams - Perpetual and thought that was an error, Perpetual is concurrent licensing isn’t it ?

But then I realized they are both under Teams and differences are:

  • prices
  • the duration of the license
    • annual: your may use the software for as long as you pay
    • perpetual: forever
  • updates and upgrades
    • as long as you pay for both
    • perpetual: there are no upgrades unless you paid for maintenance

Concurrent licenses are under special circumstances. Under Teams, it’s one license per human being.

With Individual, there is no license.

Is that correctly stated ?


Both AVLA and Perpetual are based around the same connection model, the user is the same in both.

Concurrency is also the same in both, each licence 3x the cost of a single connection licence.

The rest of your info looks correct.