Claris Cloud Teams Licensing question - outside developer

I have a client that is using Claris Cloud hosting, and has a 5-user Team license.
As far as I can tell, by reading the Claris documentation found below, and by trying it out, they must add me as a member of the Team in order for me to connect to their system.
I'd like to know if there is any way for someone like me, who has a separately-licensed full copy of FileMaker Pro, to connect to their hosted solution without taking up one of their licenses.
It looks like the only way to do that would be for them to switch to a Concurrent license model, instead of a Team license model. Is that correct?
If that is correct, does anyone know whether Claris has said anything about changing that in the future, so that Claris customers don't need to use up one of their seats to allow a third-party consultant to connect to their system? It feels like a double-dip by Claris, since the consultant has also paid for a full license.

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It's a problem. I don't have a solution. Claris have said that it's something they are aware of, so I guess it is up to us to keep on kicking them in the shins about it.

I'd like developers to be able to bring-their-own-license. Before that happens the workaround is to remove a team member to make space for you.

  1. Add your self to the team
  2. Unassign one team member
  3. Give yourself that license
  4. Do the job
  5. Unassign yourself
  6. Re-assign the team member

On the license. You can add individual licenses as needed. The first five are a pack. The next licenses don't need to be a five-pack. You can then go to six, seven, eight, or nine.

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Thank you, Malcolm. It's good to at least know there isn't some way to accomplish this that I was missing. We'll keep on as we have been, but I think the client and I will both complain to Claris. The double-charging aspect seems pretty unfair to the Claris Cloud customer, and it makes evangelizing the platform harder for us consultant developers.

This issue has been since the beginning of Claris FileMaker Cloud and never addressed. There are alternatives ..

Alternative methods?
Alternative hosting environment?
Alternative platforms?

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I like (One-More-Thing). They pioneered the use of Docker to run Linux FMS and it has better performance than anything else. I have clients on both fmcloud and AWS and fmcloud is cheaper and easier to deal with, as their customer service is excellent. AWS doesn't know what customer service is, so you have to become your own expert. They also have Windows hosting for those who require plugins that don't work on Linux yet, but it's a lot more expensive, due to the extra OS licensing.