FileMaker Server 19.3.1 - log viewer is back

FileMaker Server 19.3.1 brings the log viewer back :+1:
Absolutely happy about having this nifty tool at my disposal for problem-chasing!


yep - this was a long fight to get heard but it did! now very grateful of a pruned branch taking since FM17 to grow back !
(I haven't been able to convince any client to install Zabbix client and server to fill the gap in these years and some just stayed on FM16 for that reason ..)

This is great news. Why did it disappear in the first place?

In FMS18, the console changed to that of FM Cloud, that didn't implemented the Log viewer. Since in Cloud that was added back, now it's in FMS on premise.

@dbguy, It disappeared when they replaced the old java based server console. The old app was so flaky that we rejoiced, even though the replacement was not feature-equivalent.

@FileKraft, ditto. Zabbix is great but it's not a good fit for many. It's a large-scale solution to problem that many FMS managers do not have.

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was in FMS17 - 16 was the last and more professional IMHO then now in 19v3