Interactive LOG in FMS19.3

With major anticipation I am welcoming the "live"- log reintroduced as "interactive Log" in FMS19.3.

I am glad it finally reappeared in the admin console and since it had been deprecated with appearance of FMS17 (under protest) it is now back and I have been testing it out.

Here my observations: FMS19v3 running on Windows Server 2016 Pro on a VM 4 core 8GB is not updating and cannot be used for "live" log viewing due to the latency of minutes until log entries appear.

The live log feature is great to debug PSoS and FMSE stuff handled in server side execution. In FMS16 it could be observed how multi user PSoS calls performed while they were running like connection for file access are monitored and appear in an instance.

Did anyone else experience this latency?

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