FileMaker Training courses

I am hiring a new employee that I plan on training from the ground up with FileMaker. While I expect to do a lot of hands on training it would be nice to have some time that he can learn on his own. Anyone able to suggest a training resource for FileMaker? I am thinking something like Unity Learn or even just a good YouTube channel.

As I think back I was lucky enough to have someone that could answer question but for the most part I just Googled problems as I ran into them. I did a lot of Googling. In a lot of ways though I just need something to keep the new employee busy for parts of the day so I can still get work done while he is still learning.

I would prefer the training to be at his pace and not a class I would send him too. I would also prefer it was free but I would not rule out a paid service.

Other then iPad's we work exclusively with windows systems.

Hi @Susurrus,
This is excellent news, congratulations!
YouTube vids are indeed a good source for starter tutorials.
The fmsoup right here is a place where your employee could ask questions and find answers. This will get them started.

Thanks it is exciting to get to this point. It will be amazing after all these years to have some help.

Any chance you would have any suggestions on some starter videos. He has dabbled in SQL and has some C++ knowledge but this will be his first time using any of the skills for work. FileMaker will be completely new too him.

Searching Google there are lots of options but seeing as I do not have time to watch them I have no idea if they are any good. Some examples I have found are below. There really is a lot of options.

I’ve posted some resources under the Beginning FileMaker channel.


I found the resources from Richard Carlton (learning filemaker) very helpful - I still have a active subscription (is on Your list)

Then, FileMaker had at least with older version a pretty good introduction in the manuals (I'm out of office, can't check that out). The actual Claris help-page is a good starting point anyway

When it comes to database basics, for example normal-forms: There is a video from another platform - but shows in a quit simple way the first three of them besides of a not-so-bad intro to databases
Designing Delightful Databases - YouTube (Paul Lebfevre)


Thank you for the help it is much appreciated.

+1 for the Richard Carlton / training bundles.