New video: Get Started with FileMaker

Did this today :slight_smile:
What do you think?
Would it be useful for newcomers or people curious about the platform?

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The guide is well made but the ‘…for free’ is misleading.

Hi Fabrice, I listened to the video, and even if the demo ends up showing access in a web browser via webdirect, I do not feel like, to a newcomer, it is clear that hosting enables "sharing your app with the world". You mention early in the video that you start with hosting for a reason you will get back to later, but I was not able to pinpoint the moment where you get back to this.

I think this type of video is great for anyone who is intimidated by the idea of rolling out a server (cloud or on prem). This kind of ease and low friction is what we need more of everywhere in the platform. Congrats on making the video.

I think newcomers need to be exposed to this kind of stuff.

For someone "curious about the platform" I'm not sure if I would put network access front and center like that. I believe other features and ease of use (data imports, search, find matching, replace field contents) all could pack a fair bit of punch if someone was to make an intro video about what can be done with FileMaker. I think Claris had some "Zero to 60" demos (a parallel with getting up to 100km per hour) some time ago. Trying to fit something that let people understand the value of the product in something as short as 10 minutes is always going to be challenging.

Well, exactly. I think there are tons of resources to understand what you can do, but the point here was "where do I start?" because I think that this is probably the most unclear now.
We're basically always FileMaker people talking to FileMaker people, and it seems obvious to us which component of the platform does what, but I realize that this very basic knowledge (or what we consider so) is never explained clearly.