FileMaker Unicode Issue

From the FileMaker ODBC/JDBC manual, it states:

"For the Multi-byte text encoding option, select System (MacRoman) or select UTF-8. For
example, some applications such as Microsoft Excel may expect text to be encoded using
the System encoding, but web applications may expect text to be encoded using UTF-8
encoding. If the application expects a specific encoding but this option specifies a different
encoding, then the application may display some characters incorrectly. FileMaker software
supports UTF-8 multibyte characters consisting of up to three bytes.

My question is a graphic like a "heart" (or similar characters) supported in a text field with ODBC/JDBC?



Each of the two digit hexadecimal numbers in the unicode string is a byte: 27 64 FE 0F.

More info about Unicode and bytes in a human friendly format here: