Find Text in Layout

Is there a Tool, Plug-In etc. that allows the User to Search for a String of Text inside the Layout, when in Layout Mode?

@MonkeybreadSoftware… You were looking for feature requests?

@calculu My answer assumes you are not talking about anything that gets calculated (button bar label, tab control label, merge variable, etc.)

You can go to Edit → Find/Replace, and use the options from that submenu.

Alternatively, if you did not rename your layout objects that are text strings, the objects tab will list them by their actual content (shown between quotes), and using the search box at the top will filter-down the list. Clicking on any item in the objects tab will make it the active selection in the layout editor part of the window.

So it seems to me that not only do you not require a tool, plugin or a feature request, but that there are already different ways to achieve this natively.

If you take things further and remove the "when in layout mode" constrain, you can also rely on DDR tools to find those string of text.



Re: Searching for Text in Layout Mode

I am trying to find a string of Text inside a Layout.

Menasche Scharf


Inside a field?
You could have a script go through the field list and looks into all field values to focus the field with the text.

Not inside a Field, only in Layout Objects (e.g. Field Labels) that contain Plain Text

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Hey @calculu ,
@Bobino has given you the answer yet: Use the objects panel on the left side. You can filter there if you have not named the layout objects that contain the text strings you search for. :slightly_smiling_face:

@calculu I see that you liked my reply. If it is satisfactory, to help others who may have the same issue, perhaps you can mark it as the solution (usually as the OP one of the option next to the post will let you mark it as such).

I also need to point out that the Find/Replace should let you ... replace strings, something no other item will let you achieve.

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I had no idea Find/Replace existed. Fantastic!

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Before I can fulfil your request, please enlighten me: What is the Objects Panel (unless you're using a FMP version higher than v15 Advanced)?

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Hope you upvoted Bobino's Post...

You know i did!

@calculu I am indeed using a version higher than v15.

FM16 introduced this feature as the Layout Objects window, Renamed since FM17 as the Layout Objects tab.

The platform has changed quite a bit since the days of FM15 (itself released in May 2016). FM16 gave us native JSON functions, and there are many more improvements and features I litterally take for granted. It would be hard for me to use FM15 again, because I picked up so many new habits based on all those changes. I sincerely hope you get to upgrade to the most recent release.

Sorry if this version gap made it hard to understand what I was talking about. Perhaps you can indicate this in your post to make sure those who will attempt to assist by answering your question can adopt the right context to shape their answers (as we know in FileMaker, context is crucial!)

Finally, I'm sure you are aware, but I need to mention that if you are curious about who has liked a given post, you can simply click on the number next to the heart icon to see a list of users who reacted to the post.

Above all, I hope this was helpful, will let you pursue your goals, and achieve the results you were aiming for.


Another tip I had no idea about. Thanks!

I'm so surprised to discover that Find/Replace works in layout mode. :star_struck:

I use this all the time for my print layouts:
My 'Quotation', 'Order', 'Delivery Note' and 'Invoice' layouts consist of 95% of the same fields and labels (coming from a single table in the print file).
To make changes to the layouts, I just need to copy all the elements from the modified 'Quotation' layout to the 'Order', 'Delivery Note' and 'Invoice' layouts and use Find and Replace to replace certain merge fields and labels e.g. from 'Quotation' to 'Order'.

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Dear Robino

You make so much sense - on all points...

Re: v15 - We'll have to ask FMSoup to add one more Drop-Down-Menu: Version
of FMP

Re: Upvoting a Post - We'll have to ask FMSoup to allow the same User to
vote more than once...

Thank you!

Menasche Scharf


You can filter the object list on the left of the layout window, based on text. In that list, you can search, although replace is not available there. But you can change it in that object list.

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