Layout Editor: how to leave text insert mode

How do I leave the "text insert mode" in the layout editor again?

None of the typical escape commands does work.
No menu tells me how to leave that mode.
No tool palette shows me how to change back to the select tool.

Whatever I do, wherever I click, FMP offers me to enter some text at that position.
I can drag, which does create a text area of that size. But there's nothing else I can do.
When I leave the Layout Editor to Browse Mode and come back to the editor, it's still acitivated. When I close and open the database, still the same.

I tried different simple things until the FMP app itself crashed.

Version FMP20.3.1.31
Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 10.13.41

just hit "enter" - the key at the bottom of the num-block

the behaviour in addition is influenced by the setting you chose on the "Layout" tab - "always lock layout tools" blocks this method


if your toolbar is visible click on the arrow-button

I have no num block

I see no arrow-button on any toolbar

I've tried both "Always Lock Layout Tools" on and off, which makes no difference.

Where/how do I see that?

Ah, now I see it

Customize Toolbar!

My toolbar was set up to show "Text only".

I need Icons Only or Icons and Text - the & Text option does not show any text either - or it here does show "Layout Tools" as Text only for that bar section.

My MBP still got a smart bar, while FMP does not take any use of that feature. So it was probably a good idea from Apple to get rid of that feature again.

OK, something to discover for me too, never tried this in layout mode :sunglasses:

So there is no actual keyboard shortcut, no other choice to toggle those layout modes, other than the icon button now?

if you "un-check" the "Always lock layout tools" in for FM settings you can toggle the last two tools you used by hitting "Enter" or in your case maybe something like "FN"-"Return" which substitutes "Enter" on a keyboard without num-block...

Double-click of any tool in the toolbar, locks you into that tool, until you click another tool (typically the pointer).

Note: there is a new known reported and acknowledged bug in the current FMP solution that does not allow tool bar customizations to "stick". Hopefully fixed soon......

The majority of the keyboards on the market - particularly from PC vendors that add a Mac keyboard to their lineup (Logitech included) - don't understand that a RETURN key and and ENTER key produce different scan codes, and are used in many programs uniquely.

Screenshot 48

Fn-RETURN on "most" Mac keyboards produces an ENTER which is really useful in that the main keyboard RETURN key add a new line in a calc dialog, but the ENTER key closes that dialog by actuating the default OK button.