FM Cloud 2.1 released

Claris released it last Friday silently. Some major new features:

  • support of OAuth IdPs (so you don't have to use FileMaker ID if you don't want to)

  • changes to the Admin API to allow you to upload files and run the Data Migration Tool


Thanks Wim. Any news on Claris Connect release date?

They have not publicly announced a release date yet. Based on what they have said, I would expect it soon. Exact date to be determined.

Very silent. There is no announcement, no knowledge article, no blog or community post.

We only noticed it due to the twitter post with the soliant blog article and the celebration with some very nice looking donuts.

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Looks like they were aiming for January (see: Where is the relationship going - #7 by Bobino). I guess they are running behind on a couple things.

Back at Devcon they said "spring 2020", in one of the webinars they mentioned "early 2020". They stopped taking beta testers so I guess it is getting close.