I’m a big fan of FMPerception and I became an even bigger fan after watching this video where author Dave Ramsey covers some of the less known features.

Also, John Renfrew made an applescript to open the last ddr you saved.


Just watched the video. Impressive. I’ll give it a try.

@Torsten I think there is a promo code around the 1h mark if you plan on purchasing after your trial.

Yep, there is. Thanks!

FMPerception became the only analyzer here. Others might be more detailled in whatever way - but that’s just no factor because of FMPerception’s speed… no other analyzer allows to get the data in such a short time

With other products (we got 4 of them here), a big solution will take ~2 hrs to analyze - with FMP almost immediately… further more, we got lists, not portals. Easy to export for further processing

Same here. Our import into other products takes between 12 and 18 hours.

I was afraid to tell the real time (-:

the main benefits for me are

  • speed
  • all the needed info is available
  • no portal views
  • fast searching/filtering
  • export, so we can create our own to-do lists in filemaker
  • superbe support!

Thanks for info. Only positive feedback, I will definitely try it and most probably take a license.

Another thumbs up for Perception here:+1:

No disrespect but FMP is by far the best analyzer tool for FileMaker. Building a FileMaker database from the XML will always be slow and cumbersome at best Dave Ramsey and the rest figured that out and went another direction and clearly it was the best choice. If you are a professional programmer you really have to have it and it’s so good Claris will probably never create a tool similar to it.