FMPerception: Scripts called by buttons

Hi all,

Is anyone using FMPerception? I tried to find all calls of a script, but FMPerception doesn't seem to show calls from buttons, even in the "call chain diagram".
Am I missing something here?


'Call Chain Diagram' seems be scripts only. 'References' is where you can see which buttons call the script.

[side note] I just noticed -- comparing to a HTML design report -- 'Called by Scripts' and 'Call Chain Diagram' ignore script names starting with the @ character.

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If anyone is professionally developing FM solutions, FMPerception (or BaseElements or InspectorPro) is an essential QA / timesaver / development aid that is unparalleled. The $500 or so price of admission pays for itself in very short order.

It's a pity that a supposed "development tool" (FileMaker) doesn't have development features as you would find in all modern IDEs (for free, of course). Thus, in FileMaker you are expected to resort to shelling out $500 for something that doesn't even work directly -- only with the current, separately-generated, DDR.


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I know it's convenient to have all the tools in a GUI and a nice IDE is a joy to use. I'd love to have the toolkit in FMP so I'm not going to argue with you.

I'll simply point out a few FOSS tools for people wanting to interrogate the XML output. If you have an interest in programming, XML will spill open like a ripe watermelon.

If you're working on Windows or Linux, xmlTreeNav is a handy GUI for exploring XML. I'm usually on MacOS so I use the CLI tool xmlDiff by the same coder.

I have a rudimentary equivalent of FMPerception's XML browser written in PHP that is only a few dozen lines. I wrote it before FMPerception existed, as an exercise to learn more about the DDR.


I, too, am a big fan of FMPerception, @Kirk. and very much a fan of the included FMComparison. The latter saves me a great of time.

I agree with all that FMPerception is (regrettbly) a very important tool.
However, I still only see a local reference for my script, while it is being called from another file.

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