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I have a Line Items table that has 11 records in it. However, on layouts based on this table, it says only 10 records exist. All 11 records are related to the same Invoice, and if I perform a find using the invoice number, 11 records are found.

Here's what shows up in the toolbar: Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 9.37.13 AM

& Here's the data viewer:

How do I fix this??

  • Does "show all record" gives you 10 or 11 records?
  • Starting with a found set of 0 record, what do you end up if you use "show omitted records"?

Basically, I would try to isolate the "faulty" record, export it out, delete it & re-import.

Also, perform a recovery in a backup to see if anything strange comes up.

Both of those scenarios only return 10 records.

I also was unable to delete the record itself. I tried both in a layout based on that table and through a portal in a related table.

I ended up only being able to delete the record by deleting the parent record with a cascading delete.

Nasty! I've never seen that before.

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it looks to me the index is inconsistent - would run a recover checking the index to be recreated...


Patty, how have this been going? Did you get it resolved??

So far, I have yet to find the cause of the issue. I deleted the parent record, which used a cascading delete to delete the child records, including the problem record. I then recreated all of them, and everything works just fine. So for now it appears to have just been a one-time fluke.

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I seem to remember at least one discussion about this sort of thing on the FM (now Claris) Community:
A search for phantom records throws up a few possibilities—


I was in the process of upgrading a customers database to the latest version and noticed this same issue. It showed 64 records but if I did a search it would find over 1000 records.

I am glad this is the first time I have seen it and hope it is the last time.

I thought I remember somebody claimed that this occurrence is related to corrupted index.
File recovering OR set index off and back on for related key fields (Storage Options, Indexing None /All) was recommended to fix.

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I did not try to turn off index but that dose seem to be what the log suggested when I did a recovery. Though the logs are anything buy clear too me. I am still doing testing to see if any data was lost but recovering the database seems to have worked.

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