Found set shown after deletion of a found set

When a found set of records has been deleted by the 'Delete All Records' script step, FM shows the full set of all remaining records in the table. The script ends with that step, no 'Show All' step present.

I'm not sure if I should consider having a 'Show All' found set after a 'Delete All Records' step as a feature or as a bug.

The technical documentation does not specify the 'found set' after 'Delete All Records' step.

How do you handle this?

Since the 'found set' is not documented in this situation, I would consider it a bug. If you Get(FoundCount) after the Delete, what is the value returned ? If it's 0, then it's a bug for sure !

I would say never assume or expect a situation, instead have a Show All. This way you make sure you will get an expected result.

There really are two potential behaviours regarding the delete all script step: show the omitted set (current and very old behaviour); show no record. Yes… it should be documented. The fact it isn't doesn't make the current behaviour a bug.

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I'd consider it neither a feature or bug, just a behavior.

Depends on the situation, most of the time showing the found set after is not a problem for my users. But if it is, then I'd immediately do Show Omitted Only afterward.

Yes, that is what I also do in such a case. The behaviour just is not what I would expect, logically speaking.