Get ( ActiveFieldName ) & OnObjectSave Trigger

I have a field with a script triggered to run "OnObjectSave". I want the parameter for the triggered script to be the name of the field.

I have to do this a bunch, so it would be helpful if I could just have the parameter be Get ( ActiveFieldName ). Claris' definition for that function is:

Returns the name of the field that has the focus.

Inattention to detail has come back to bite me in the past, so forgive me if this is a ridiculous question, but is there a way for a field that has been edited to lose 'focus' WITHOUT triggering the OnObjectSave script? In other words, do I have to use GetField ( fieldName ) instead?

The only way I know to bypass OnObjectSave for an edited field is to have the Script Debugger open with the triggers button disabled.

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Ok thanks! That's reassuring to hear.

The sequence and timing of script triggers is tricky business. Soliant has a old blog post with a graphic of the Trigger firing timing that is worth a look.

Note: field triggers are a presentation layer action; it takes a direct user input to cause the trigger to fire.

Scripting the content of that field would skip the trigger firing.