Place Cursor in Field -- Odd Behavior

I have a field (previewstemp::qty) with an "on object save" trigger to run a script that creates a PO Line item. After the PO Line item is created I want to go to the next record (in previewstemp) and put the cursor in the qty field. I have created the script steps "go to record", "go to field", and "set selection". (Steps 26-28 below.) However, this script does not work unless I also go to the Inspector data tab and (for the qty field) check "go to next object using enter".

This is not very intuitive to me -- I'd expect the script to work without having to check that box. I've looked at some previous files I've created and I don't believe I've had to check anything in the data tab. I've also Googled this subject and didn't see anything about needing to check this box. Anybody have experience with moving to a new record and placing the cursor in a field?

What does the "does not work" consist of when you don't check that checkbox in the Inspector?

Does it never enter the field? That would indeed be weird.

I'm not sure why you need Set Selection for that matter, unless the typical behavior for the field is to select contents on entry and you don't want that behavior within this script. Go to Field should get you there by itself. Do you have the Script Debugger? Can you walk through it step by step with the Data Viewer on and verify when it is or is not in the field PREVIEWSTEMP::qty ?

The script goes to the next record, but not to the field. I even tried giving the field an object name and using “go to object” but that did not work either.

I tried the debugger and it also failed to go to the qty field.

Any difference if you go to the field first and then go to next record?

You could try a different approach:

Replace 'New Window' step by 'Freeze Window' AND 'Go To Layout (po_lines)'

Replace Close Window by 'Go To Layout (Original)'